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Jane's 411 - 1/18/18: Cardi B locks down movie deal, Birdman's mansion foreclosed, Kelis buys farm, Woman blasts Future in her DMs, Diddy responds to 50 Cent calling him gay

  Cardi B is showing she is a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop, Birdman isn't paying his artists so what makes  you think he's going to pay his house payments? Kelis is leaving the city and buying her own farm while a foreign chic has put Future on blast for sliding in her DMs…
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Jane's 411 - 1/17/18: Senator Cory Booker goes off on Homeland Security Chief, New California could be 51st state, Diddy, Pam Grier, Stevie J & CIA officer arrested, spying for China

  Senator Booker has had enough with President Trump and his supporters! The debate on whether or not President Trump described African and Central American countries as 'sh*t hole' countries in a meeting last Thursday on immigration put Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen in the middle of the chaos after she testified that she couldn't recall…
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