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Ciara concerned with Future’s parenting skills: Returns baby Future in dirty clothes, smelling like smoke & reeking of urine [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

02/15/2016 at 10:48 | Mail Online

In an exchange of explosive emails sent by lawyers, Ciara accuses her ex of lying, missing drug tests and for declining visits to see his 18-month-old son.

  • Daily Mail Online has exclusively seen explosive contents of a series of emails that led to libel lawsuit filed by Ciara Harris, 30, on January 21
  • The email evidence includes accusations of lying, missed drug tests and a communication breakdown sparked by Future’s use of ‘foul language’
  • Future, 32, is also accused of declining visits with the former couple’s son Future Jr., or scheduling visits when he is out of town
  • The rapper started a twitter rant against Ciara early last month making statements that she says were false and damaging to her career 
  • Ciara is suing her ex-fiance for $15 million and asking for $250,000 to cover legal fees – as well as a retraction and apology

Future is also accused of declining visits with Future Jr., and scheduling others for times when he was performing either out of state or out of the country.

The emails, which are part of a package of evidence by Ciara’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, began on January 7 – just three days after Future posted a series of angry tweets.

‘She hasn’t posted anything negative about Mr. Wilburn to her 9.8 million Instagram followers about how he asks for parenting time when he is booked to perform out of state or out of the country.”

She is asking for $250,000 to cover her legal fees, a retraction and an apology from Future, and for him to be banned from making any future comments about their private life with their infant son.


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