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Jane Dough speaks with Mike Mason from the Nitro Circus

08/31/2016 at 1:57 | Posted by jane

Mike “Mase” Mason

Discipline: FMX

Known for his technical precision, with great extension and slick upright combo tricks, Mike “Mase” Mason is also the first FMX athlete to win X Games Speed & Style more than once.  He has won 9 X Games medals to date.  In addition to his FMX career, Mason has also raced motocross, including the National Arenacross series.

However, ranking with all of the individual honors he has earned, Mason considers riding with the Nitro Circus Live crew one of his biggest achievements.  “Just being able to say I’ve been a part of tours since 2006 is [one of] my proudest moments,” he says.  “I am always very grateful for my life and the experiences I’ve had with my friends all while riding my dirt bike.”

Mike is a consummate pro, always striving to push his skills and improve his technique.  “I am very hard on myself,” he explains.  “I hate looking sloppy so I am constantly working on anything I do.”

Mike’s smooth skills extend beyond the ramps or the racetrack.  Known as one of the funniest guys in FMX, his magnetic personality led ESPN to bring him to him into the broadcast booth as a guest analyst during their 2014 X Games Austin telecast.  Mase is without a doubt a go-to source for a great quote.

Mase is also very into music – he even produced and performed on a recent video edit showcasing the Reno–area riding spots where he started riding.  A big metal fan, Metallica’s James Hetfield flipped his guitar pick to him and gave him a fist bump following their X Games 2015 national anthem performance, after which Mase proclaimed, “My damn life is complete now.”



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