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Domestic Violence Survivor/Activists Tanisha Bagley shares her story and her inspiring book

02/09/2017 at 6:30 | Posted by jhepner

Domestic Violence is only recognized once a year but the truth is we need to bring awareness to this issues everyday. 1 in 4 women or men have experienced domestic violence or some type of emotional abuse. This is a serious issue that we must keep addressing in order to try to stop the cycle or at least decrease the number of incidents that happen each year. This spotlight goes to a wonderful soul who came all the way up from Apex, NC to share her story. She talks about her experience, ways that can help ¬†individuals in a domestic violence situation and she also talks about her new book she wrote called “The Price Of Love” that is based on her life story. Take a second to listen to this strong woman talk about her years of experience with this issue and listen to her great encouraging words that can help others and maybe even save a life.


Tanisha Bagley Contact information

Facebook: Tanisha Bagley

“The Price of Love” Printhouse Books

Email: tbag20_3@hotmail



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