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1 day ago

Busta Rhymes Announces He Will Drop A New Album In 2016


Fayetteville Observer

2 days ago

Law enforcement: Holiday drivers should be attentive to high-volume areas

As near perfect weather and cheap gas beckon residents out of their homes, Fayetteville motorists should remain mindful of the new red-light cameras in town and the extra Highway Patrol presence out of town.

ABC News

2 days ago

News Guide: Protests of Chicago Teen’s Shooting Continue

Several hundred protesters amassed on the streets of Chicago a second day in response to the city’s Tuesday release of a squad-car video showing a white police officer fatally shoot a black teenager. Officer Jason Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder for the 2014 death of…


2 days ago

Fort Bragg troops celebrate Thanksgiving home from the Middle East

The troops eat at Fort Bragg

NY Daily News

2 days ago

Woman who tricked friend into sex with fake penis jailed

A British woman who fooled her friend into having sex by using a fake penis has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

NY Daily News

2 days ago

No mother-to-child HIV transmissions for first time in state

At least one thing isn’t being passed on from mother to child in New York State any more: HIV.

Fox News

2 days ago

Selfie on stolen cellphone helps police identify suspected thief

A selfie of a smiling woman on a stolen cellphone may help California cops crack a violent street mugging.

NY Daily News

2 days ago

‘Condom Challenge’ is the new trend sparking safety concerns

With condoms involved, protection and fun remain in the balance.

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