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3 weeks ago

Lamar Odom’s Friend Jamie Sangouthai — Died From Flesh-Eating Disease Cause by Drug Use

Jamie Sangouthai —  Lamar Odom’s best friend — did not die from an overdose, but it was drug relatedm a flesh-eating disease caused by dirty needles. The exact terms are necrotizing fasciitis, bacterial skin infection, and chronic intravenous narcotism — IV drug abuse … according to the L.A. County Coroner. The Coroner says Sangouthai went to the hospital for […]


3 weeks ago

FCC Fining AT&T $100 Million for Misleading Unlimited Data Plans

Federal Communications Commission officials announced plans Wednesday to fine AT&T $100 million for misleading subscribers about unlimited data plans.It’s the largest such fine the agency has ever proposed under rules that require broadband providers to clearly disclose information about their services to consumers.

CNN Money

3 weeks ago

Woman to be on new $10 bill [VIDEO]

The US Treasury Department announced a redesigned $10 bill to be revealed in 2020 will spotlight a woman!

The Ill Community

3 weeks ago

Young Buck Snaps On Anniversary Of 50 Cent Recording Him Crying [AUDIO]

Back in 2008, Young Buck thought he could just say fu*k #GUnit and get away with it. And he did — for a minute.

Denver Post

3 weeks ago

Rachel Dolezal Says Parents Outed Her Because She Encouraged Sister To Accuse Brother Of Molestation, Brother Still Awaiting Trial

According to the documents, her brother Joshua was 16 or 17 when he threw Rachel on the ground, pulled up her shirt and sexually abused her. Joshua was not charged for the alleged incident with Rachel — and the statute of limitations has long since expired. Rachel believes her parents outed her race to get […]

The Huffington Post

3 weeks ago

Why Michael Oher Doesn’t Like ‘The Blind Side,’ The Oscar-Nominated Film Based On His Life

Oher, who currently plays left tackle for the Carolina Panthers said ‘Blind Side’ — which details his journey from a homeless teen to a first-round NFL draft pick — has hurt his football career. “[The movie's] taken away from my football,” he said. Oher, who after a positive start with the Baltimore Ravens has been […]


3 weeks ago

Lil’ Wayne Reveals That ‘Free Weezy Album’ Will Be Released In July [VIDEO]

When Lil’ Wayne first revealed that he was working on the Free Weezy Album, it was supposed to be released in March. Now that March has come and gone, he said the album will definitely be dropping on July 4th. He said so while at the Anaheim, CA stop on his “Release Partiez” club tour at Heat […]

Hip-Hop Wired

3 weeks ago

Nas Teams With Sweet Chick Restaurant [PHOTOS]

Nas’ latest venture is teaming with NYC restaurant Sweet Chick to help expand the brand nationally.  Sweet Chick is a couple of years old and touts serving “American cuisine with a Southern accent” like its signature fried chicken and waffles. It currently has a pair of locations in NYC on the Lower East Side and in Brooklyn.

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