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1 day ago

» #StopEbolaStrike: National Strike to Force Obama to Block West African Flights Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Administration committing criminal neglect by failing to secure America against outbreak….READ MORE…


1 day ago

» How the Local Police State is Caused by the Federal Government Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

War on Terror has only increased the flow of money….READ MORE…

NY Daily News

1 day ago

X-ray shows bottle stuck inside constipated Chinese hospital patient – NY Daily News

There’s the old over-the-counter laxatives poured straight from the bottle to get rid of constipation, and then there’s apparently the other method – the bottle itself.

Jane Dough

2 days ago

Jane Dough’s 411

October 21, 2014

TheWashingto Monthly

2 days ago

America’s Worst Colleges by Ben Miller

September/October 2014 America’s Worst Colleges set out to make a list of the poorest-performing colleges.


2 days ago

NC campaign flier has background lynching photo

Neither Republicans nor Democrats say they know anything about fliers on the windshields of cars at a Fayetteville church that included a background photo of a lynching.


2 days ago

Ebola Patient Released From Emory University Hospital

There are more Ebola patients in the U.S. than we think. Turns out that there was one at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA that wanted to remain anonymous. The man, who was admitted to Emory on Sept. 9th after contracting the virus in West Africa, was released from the hospital on Oct. 19th after being determined […]


2 days ago

Michael Brown case: Ferguson braces for more protests [VIDEO]

This is the new normal in Ferguson: Protests, day and night, for more than 70 days now.

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