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2 days ago

Pastors May Face Prison Time If They Refuse to Wed Gay Couples

The city officials decided to enforce the new non-discrimination statute to include any business who refused to serve anyone on the grounds of sëxual orientation or gender identity. This included ministers who refused to conduct same-gender marriages because it went against their Biblical beliefs.

Jane Dough

2 days ago

Jane Dough’s 411

October 23, 2014


2 days ago

Students suspended after alleged prostitution in high school bathroom [VIDEO]

Several students are at home, suspended from Bolton High School after an alleged prostitution incident.


2 days ago


This guy needs to take off every Tuesday from here on! The kid performed yesterday at SOB’s in NYC and somebody yanked big boy off the stage and started hitting him! The song didn’t even stop playing, which is crazy! And he kept on performing like nothing ever happened.


2 days ago

Children found in Fayetteville home with meth lab, three in custody

Three people were arrested Tuesday for manufacturing methamphetamine, including a couple whose children were found in a home with a meth lab.


2 days ago

Woman’s sexual assault posted on social media

Police in Johnston County say an alleged sexual assault was captured on social media. The incident allegedly happened after everyone had left the party except for three men.The victim reported the incident after finding images of the sexual assault on a social media site.Police say the victim was drunk, and didn’t realize she’d been assaulted […]


2 days ago

UNC athletics report finds 18 years of academic fraud [VIDEO]

Independent report finds that for 18 years, thousands of students at the University of North Carolina took fake “paper classes” to keep athletes eligible. Over 3,100 students took those bogus classes and UNC’s national championships could be on the line.


2 days ago

TLC’s Ex-Manager Is Suing Them For $40 Million Again

In court documents, Reid claims that the film, which aired a year ago, ruined her reputation and depicted her as a liar and a cheat when all she really did was out her blood, sweat and tears into making them superstars.

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