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3 months ago

Frustrated Nigerians Form Vigilante Groups in Wake of Abductions! FIGHTING BACK! [VIDEO]

As the abduction of nearly 300 Nigerian school girls enters its second month comes news of the formation of vigilante groups and a new terrorist attack Wednesday night that killed at least four Nigerian soldiers.


3 months ago

Cat Rescues Little Boy During Dog Attack [VIDEO]

One question though: Why did the mom leave her baby there afterwards??? What if the dog came back?!?!?

Jane Dough

3 months ago

Jane Dough’s 411

May 16, 2014


3 months ago

Terrell Owens Says He Can’t Pay For Divorce

Owens explains that he and his estranged wife, Rachel Snider, were only married for 3 days and that, “Besides my athletic abilities, I do not have any special skill set or education that makes me employable. I use my celebrity status as a former NFL player as much as possible as I struggle to earn […]


3 months ago

Girlfriend Says Panthers Defensive End Greg Hardy Angry About Previous Relationship with Nelly

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested Tuesday morning on charges of assault on his girlfriend, who alleges that Hardy threw her on a couch covered with firearms. He was ordered Thursday to surrender all of his weapons and firearms. She claims that Hardy was angry with her because of a short-lived relationship with Nelly, […]


3 months ago

Cop caught on camera kicking 13-year-old boy

The family of a 13-year-old Florida boy plans to file a complaint against police after a video posted online shows a cop kicking the teen to the ground while is hands were apparently restrained behind him.


3 months ago

Woman, 31, posed as 15-year-old student at Texas high school

A 31-year-old woman was arrested for posing as a Texas high school student after spending almost an entire year enrolled as a sophomore, police said.


3 months ago

Waka Flocka Side Piece Photos Rapper In Bed

Obviously, the show touched a nerve for Flocka’s sidepiece, who put the rapper on blast via Instagram, and didn’t hesitate to tag Rivera to let her know just what her man has been up to.

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