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5 months ago

Supreme Court rules against Obama in contraception case [VIDEO]

The Supreme Court rules that closely held companies cannot be required to pay to cover some types of contraceptives for their employees. Conservative justices rule 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby. The ruling could serve as template for future challenges to Obamacare. Issue was whether businesses can opt out of mandate on religious grounds.


5 months ago

Sebastian Mikael Talks ‘Speechless’ Album [VIDEOS]

This talented young man opens up about his debut album, ‘Speechless,’ bidding farewell to his stomping grounds, getting schooled and much more.


5 months ago

Who really writes Iggy Azalea’s lyrics?

During her acceptance for BEST FEMALE ARTIST – Nicki implied that Iggy does NOT write her rhymes. Guess what the streets are saying about who really writes Iggy’s lyrics and how she paid for them O_O


5 months ago

Erykah Badu Tried To Kiss Newscaster During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]

Erykah Badu likes to goof off just like any other human being, despite her celebrity status. While in New York over the weekend, the Texas singer had a little fun with a newscaster during a live broadcast and even tried to kiss the man.


5 months ago

COLUMBIA, SC: Witness: Columbia mayor, Pinson, Florida businessman took 2 women from strip club to hotel, witness says

Columbia mayor mentioned again during corruption case trial against former SC State University board chairman and Greenville businessman.


5 months ago

2014 BET Awards Performance: Robin Thicke, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, And More [VIDEOS]

Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Travis Barker, John Legend, Jhene Aiko and more!

NY Daily News

5 months ago

Utah Boy Scouts lift SUV off pinned woman on their way to camp – NY Daily News

They pledged to help other people at all times and when a Utah Boy Scout troop spotted a woman pinned by a rolled-over SUV, that’s just what they did.


5 months ago

Video: College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas Meets His Favorite Rapper – Young Jeezy!

Via VIBE. Posted By Persist

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