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Jane's 411 - Pablo Escobar's Brother Says Netflix's 'Narcos' Need to Hire Hitmen as Security

  After a location manager for the Netflix show Narcos  was shot and killed during filming for an episode in Season Four, Pablo Escobar’s brother, formerly known as the 'Chief of Hitmen' for the deadly Medellin Cartel, warned Netflix and other production companies of the dangers of filming in Medellin or Colombia. Also find out what former…
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TODAY OUR DONKEY OF THE DAY GOES TO CREATOR AND OFFICER AND WARNER BROTHERS MUSIC GROUP "MIKE CAREN".  Mike Caren has made a poor decision by giving a record deal to a teenager that promotes bad behavior.  Check out the Breakfast Club Every Weekday Morning from 530am to 10am.  Follow us on Instagram @foxy99nc follow…
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