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People Are Obsessed With Finding Out About Tyrese’s New Wife

This week Tyrese took to his Instagram to announce that he got married this past Valentine's Day. The announcement was a short, thoughtful video stating "happy wife, happy life."


Awww congrats to #Tyrese and his wife on tying the knot on Valentine's Day !!! [Via: @tyrese ]

618 Likes, 52 Comments - Celebritea Entertainment News (@thacelebriteaofficial) on Instagram: "Awww congrats to #Tyrese and his wife on tying the knot on Valentine's Day !!! [Via: @tyrese ]"


Since announcing the big news, Tyrese has received a lot of backlash for what should be a celebrated occasion. Black women went in on him for calling her his “black queen” after blogs stated she was actually mixed.

It also doesn't help that Tyrese is known for being a strong advocate for black love on social media and through his music. Tyrese eventually removed the post altogether after all the “black queen” controversy flooded his comments.


Keyaira Harrison on Twitter

It's all over the blogs that tyrese's wife is "black" ?

Jessicaa.!❤♌ on Twitter

Tyrese call his non-black wife his "black queen" ?


Of course everyone is searching to find out more about his mystery woman, like her name, what does she do and where did they meet. Hopefully the haters will find comfort in the fact that she is successful in her own right; she is educated, independent and has a Masters in Social Work.


Today Tyrese indirectly addressed the circus that has been happening surrounding his wedding. He discussed how some people these days are obsessed with strangers and asked anybody that agreed to hashtag #PrivateMomentsMatter.

Do you guys agree with #Tyrese ?

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In reality, if you have been a fan of Tyrese you should really be happy for him and his new love. Tyrese was one half of the show It's Not You It’s Men, where he was the voice for the single, playboy type. His hit song "Stay" was based off a real life heartbreak, where he wanted his woman back and was literally begging her to stay. At the end of the day, he seems to be happy and he kept his private life under wraps until the time was right. The public is just going to have to move on and find something else to over analyze.

Cristine x on Twitter

What the hell does it matter if Tyrese's wife is black? The colour of her skin doesn't negate his love or the love he has for black women.



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