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There’s Now A Dating App Based On How Lazy You Are

When you’re in a relationship, it’s nice to be on the same page about exercise and its place in daily life.

Does your definition of “weekend” mean sleeping in and later enjoying a hearty brunch, or would you rather spend the weekend hiking and biking? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between, and that’s okay too.

A new dating app called Lime lets you find the perfect partner for you based on your normal activity levels.

The app takes the data from your iOS Health app and lets you match up with someone who’s as active (or sedentary, as the case may be) as you are.

Whether you’re a regular marathoner or prefer the quiet comfort of your couch, Lime puts you in touch with a partner who shares the same views on the world. The app was created in February, and already has 5,000 users.


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