ICYMI: 2 Chainz Sits in On Booty Makeover

Booty connoisseur 2 Chainz did his best doctor impression and sat in on a Brazilian butt lift, as reported by TMZ.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Dr. Miami fame permitted the rapper to stream the surgery, while 2 Chainz donned full scrubs with his chains in full view. The woman receiving the surgery did sign off on 2 Chainz being in the operating room barring Dr. Miami from any malpractice suits.

Which makes us wonder, how did that conversation go?

2 Chainz was more than a doctor on this day, revealing his inner scholar and giving us the trap math of the day: If this procedure cost 10 bands, and I got a forty on me, how man booty’s can I help out

Possibly a publicity for his upcoming album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. But nevertheless, if she got a big booty, 2 Chainz call her big booty.


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