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We're Totally Questioning This Kendrick Lamar Album Cover

Alright, at first I was feeling this new version of Kendrick Lamar, but he might be heading to Kanye West a little fast. 

Kendrick's newest album and album cover are having me question the changes that Kendrick is making. First off, his album is called Damn. 

Now, if you're hearing Chris Tucker and Ice Cube in your head, you're not the only one.

Second, this is the album cover:

Kendrick Lamar on Twitter

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar.

I know that Lamar is on some new ish, but this is not exactly what I was expecting to see after putting out that well executed video for "HUMBLE."

The creator of the cover, Vlad Sepetov had a few things today, in which Pigeons & Planes quotes as the following:

" Already seeing a lot of discussion about the cover. and I’m really excited about it. It’s interesting to see people talk about 'bad' design. But I’m incredibly proud of this cover. I sort of bucked a lot of what my teachers taught me. I wanted to make something loud and abrasive. And maybe some won’t see that, but I’m glad that Dave and Dot saw the value in making something that didn’t fit the mold. Just given the bare bones we fleshed something out that has a lot of people talking. It’s not uber political like TPAB but it has energy IMO. "

Despite the cover's questionable nature, and how "artistic" it was supposed to be (cue the weird Kanye-style "art,") Kdot probably is about to deliver another impactful album, which will be dropping April 14.


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