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LIST: Concert Goer Injuries

Tyga’s legal team moves a tad slower than his animal counterpart when it comes to paying fan lawsuits, just ask Shyanne Riekena.

According to TMZ, Riekena was struck in the head by a light fixture while at a Grand Rapids, Mich. concert and was awarded 235k in damages back in 2015. Fast forward two years and she hasn’t received any form of payment, which has accumulated to $248,553. Although, this isn’t the first time Tyga has been involved in a lawsuit, after being slapped with a nearly 200k fine by a former landlord.

In honor of Shyanne’s hopefully served justice, here’s a list of five concert goers who were injured at the hands of their own heroes.


1. Put the Blame On Me

After being involved in an on-stage incident with an underage concertgoer, Akon released the song "Sorry, Blame It On Me" recounting the whole episode. The dim, distracting atmosphere of a concert can be a dangerous place for anyone.


2. Afroman Slaps Back

One of the more cringe-worthy captured moments came from the open hand of Afroman. The renowned musician was tired of the fan tomfoolery and slapped a female concertgoer who came onstage.


3. Rocky Brawl

No, not the movie, but the rapper instead. ASAP Rocky shut down an after party at SXSW back in2007. The fight broke out at around 3 am and left several goers bloody.


4. Tempers Run Deep in Texas

SXSW isn’t just a festival, but a fight club apparently as well. Back in March, Lil Uzi Vert concert’s was interrupted when fans started a brawl amongst themselves.


5. Ears Ringing

Though no one was hurt and no lawsuits were filed, anyone who tuned in to Mariah Carey's 2017 NYE performance was caused some sort of emotional, or physical, pain.


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