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Is Kendrick Lamar Dropping Another Album?

No, you didn’t read that wrong; another, another new album.

With DAMN. literally releasing April 14, Good Friday, many are beginning to speculate if this is all part of a bigger project. Several Redditt threads have theorized that this album is just part one of a collection that is meant to be released on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There are several threads that suggest there are references within the lyrics to The Matrix and K. Dot often compares himself to Jesus leaving us to further speculate the potential of a “second coming” Easter album drop.

Although these theories seem to be a bit of a stretch, there remain several reinforcing coincidences including the cryptic tweet sent out by producer Sounwave, who produced several tracks on the album. That tweet is followed by picture of Morpheus from The Matrix, which could further prove the relevance of the lyrical references.

Regardless of whether you believe in these theories or not, it leaves us a giddy with potential excitement that we may all get the chance to drool over two K. Dot albums in one weekend. DAMN. Let us be HUMBLE.


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