Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Chance’s Charitable Ways Back in Action at Birthday Bash

At a mere 24-years-old, Chance the Rapper has done more for his local community in a one month span than most legislators accomplish in their entire terms.

Just over a month after announcing a donation of one million dollars to Chicago public schools, Chance is upping the charitable ante. While hosting a sold out “Chance the Birthday” bash at Chicago’s Studio Paris, the rapper was able to raise another 100k for his charity.

The proceeds all went to SocialWorks, a nonprofit foundation that was co-funded by the Chicago native to “empower the youth through arts, education, and civic engagement.”

While artist T-pain and Ludacris were also at the event, it was open publicly to fans and even featured a guest appearance from none other than Big Bird of Sesame Street fame. Chance has quickly become that millennial beacon of hope in bettering the surrounding community and empowering those with less to do more.

Not a bad birthday party haul, Lil Chano from the 79th.


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