Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Quavo Drops 35k on New Napoleon Necklace

Everyone knows that European dictator Napoleon symbolizes power and progress for The Culture movement.  (Oh, you weren’t aware that a 19th dictator was the status symbol for the rap game? Well, just ask Quavo.)

In a report, the Migos rapper spent 35k on a new rose gold chain that features over 300 diamonds and weighs nearly 10 karats. The chain was made by Icebox Diamonds and Watches based out of Atlanta, where the store owner, Zahir Jooma, says Quavo is a regular.

In an ode to their hit song Quavo told the jeweler that he wanted the dictator to be pointing “dat way” since it symbolized power and progress. Take a closer look at the ice Quavo rocked at Coachella.

If only Napoleon could see his influence now. He may have been exiled “"Dat Way."


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