Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Lil Dicky Leaping to TV

Everyone’s favorite witty, white rapper from the ‘burbs is making the leap to television, and we’re pretty damn excited.

Although he’s been relatively removed from headlines recently, Lil Dicky recently told XXL Magazine that he has plans in the works to develop his own TV show.

“I’m working on a TV show, but it takes so long to develop that you won’t really see any of that for like a year and a half, but it’s in the works,” said Lil Dicky.

The newly-minted XXL 2017 Freshman Class member hopes the show will lead to other roles.

“I think my TV show is gonna be my thing so I’m pretty focused on that and I think doing that will lead to other opportunities I want, to jump to movies and other stuff, but it starts with that.”

This comes fresh off his "Pillow Talking" short. The rapper is also finishing up his Dick or Treat Tour and says to expect an album sometime in 2017. Keep an ear, and eye, out for the rapper from the ‘burbs to make moves this year.
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