Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Travis Scott Spent 12 Minutes in Jail

We've all heard of seven minutes in heaven, but how about twelve minutes in a cell?

Travis Scott, notoriously known for instigating raucous crowds, was arrested on May 13 while at a stop for his Birds Eye View Tour in Rogers, Ariz. Scott was charged with inciting a riot, endangering a minor and disorderly conduct, and was booked for 12 whole minutes. The rapper reportedly encouraged fans to bypass barricades and rush the stage, resulting in several injuries including a police officer.

Known for his electric and intense style and shows, this isn't the first time the Houston-born artist has found himself in hot water during a performance. Back in April, Scott reportedly encouraged a fan to jump from a third-story balcony at a NYC concert.

This isn't even his first inciting a riot charge, catching one back in 2015 at Lollapalooza when his show was cut short for encouraging fans to, again, rush the stage.

It’s safe to say Scott loves the rush of performing live.


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