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McDonalds Is Bringing Back It's Dollar Menu!

Yeah, we've got all day breakfast, but what do we do when we are on our last few days before our paychecks come?

Everyone has had to get Dollar Menu when broke at least once. This became a very sad time when Fast Food locations like Taco Bell and McDonald's nixed their dollar menus.

Well, according to The Penny Hoarder, McDonalds is going to bring back a menu for the frugal.

McPick Deals, as you know, have been 2 for $2.50, but now we're learning from Penny Hoarder Via BuzzFeed that there will be $1, $2, and $3 price points.

The article doesn't note what will be on this menu, but we're sure that there will be a cost shift too on things like the Hamburger, and McDoubles, as well as keeping up the trend of the $1 pop's and coffees.


We will keep you updated once we know what will actually be on the menu!


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