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'Hitman's Bodyguard' Is The Funniest Film This Summer

It is very rare that I go to the movies and am enthralled from start to finish.

There's always something that could be left out, a part of the film that lags, or a character you can't stand. Even in the most recent Spider-Man, I was peeved at Tony Stark for the first time in my life. Or as I like to call him "Dad-Stark."

At any rate, I had the privilege to check out this end-of-the-summer smash, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and it was the perfect concoction of hilarity.


Samuel L. Jackson

The thing about Samuel L. Jackson is that his line delivery is impeccable. Some may call it cheesy or redundant because he essentially is him in every role he plays (and I'm sure most of the time, he gets hired because he's great at swearing). But, that doesn't take away from what a great actor he is, and how funny he is. Because he's honestly the most hilarious person ever. His character in the film, Darius Kincaid, is a wise cracking, super mouthy, deadly hitman who is being transported to a trial against a Russian dictator named Vladislav Dukhovich (played by Gary Oldman). Dukhovich's team is so strong, they try to kill Kincaid before he makes it from prison to the trial, which is where all the fun begins.

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Ryan Reynolds

I'll say it once, I'll say it again: Ever since Ryan Reynolds has played Deadpool, he has embodied the full attitude that Ryan can exude. Meaning: Ryan Reynolds has been Deadpool this entire time and we just didn't know it. Sassy, mouthy, and crazy. In contrast, his character Michael Bryce is very uptight and full of rules, but he's still a jerk, therefore, he plays into the same attitude.

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Put Them In A Car Together...

After Bryce's ex-girlfriend, Interpol Agent Amelia Roussel (Elodie Yung), saves Kincaid, she asks Bryce to get him safely to the hearing. You find that Bryce is not a run-of-the-mill guy, but a protection agent. I blame and thank Carpool Karaoke for this whole idea of putting superstars Reynolds and Jackson in a car together because that's exactly what happens next. They encounter messes along the way, and you find out they have more history than they realize.

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Supporting Cast

Though I much prefer the villainry that came from Gary Oldman in Léon: The Professional, he plays a sinister Russian Dictator very well. Looking at his filmography, it's not the first time he's played a Russian, or an evil guy, so they got the best of the best with Oldman. The other-gladhand goes to Salma Hayek, who tweaked her accent enough to sound more understandable, but also she dropped so many F-Bombs during her short time on screen as Sonia Kincaid, that you really did believe she could be married to Samuel L. Jackson's character.

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Solid Through And Through

The film has action, romance, hilarity, a ton of swearing, bombs blowing up, and some brutality that is crazy epic, but it all flows together so well, that there's not a part of the film where you're hoping it's going to end. You become immersed, and that's what a movie should do - immerse you to where you forget about real life for a while. Now, the critics are putting it down, saying it's a lame attempt to get chemistry out of the pair, but honestly, go see it for yourself and make your own judgements. This isn't a Scorsese, it's an action flick.

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The film opens today in theatres, and quite frankly, we need a great laugh these days, so go get roughly 2 hours of it with Jackson and Reynolds.

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