By Adam Gregor/Shutterstock

People across the country say certain words differently due to the dialect where they reside. Then, there are other words that people just flat out pronounce wrong.

At an early age, humans learn to speak the language spoken around them, by the people closest to them. So, if a baby learns to pronounce a word wrong based on the way their parents say the word, there is little hope that the child will learn to pronounce the word correctly.

In truth, there are a plethora of words most Americans pronounce wrong. Here are our top 5 favorites.

According to Seventeen Magazine, here are 5 words most people pronounce incorrectly.


You say: Febuairey

The correct way to say it: Februairey


You say: Killomiter

The correct way to say it: Killomeeter


You say: Perscripshun
The correct way to say it: Priscripshun


You say: Shurbert

The correct way to say it: Shurbit


You say: Comfterbull

The correct way to say it: Comfertabull

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