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Cardi B Isn't Stressing While Lawyers Are Hunting For Sex Tape Perps

TMZ says that Cardi B's lawyer Scott Mason says that the videos were "illegally obtained." 

Offset's iCloud got hacked a few months back,  and apparently, not only Cardi B was the exposed one - as it looked like Offset was filming another woman, aka cheating on Cardi B.

Of course, this all happened surrounding her release of "Bartier Cardi" with 21 Savage, so either people were trying to shake Cardi's spirit, or trying to cause issues with her and Offset.

Either way, B is letting it roll off her back.

iamcardib on Twitter

People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn't a stripper before ????????????????????‍♀️You know there's videos of me stripping with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right ?????anyways i know i know i got a nice body right ????


That's the way to do it, baby.


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