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People Are Not Happy With Chance The Rapper Right Now

When you start making silly statements, people will come for you, Chance. 

Chance The Rapper was flexin' on the 'gram and made some chest-puffing comments about how nobody wore Supreme or Champion and he brought it back.

Twitter fired up a storm after he made this notion.

Planet Aviation on Twitter

Chance The Rapper claims he made Supreme poppin again. Agree/


Many people are giving Chance the benefit of the doubt when it comes to low end brand Champion, but when it comes to Supreme, many are lending their votes to Tyler, The Creator for rocking the brand hard and making it relevant again.

DONHAVI on Twitter

I ain't even seen this dude chance in supreme before

???? on Twitter

Tyler brought back supreme not you goofy @chancetherapper

wavy on Twitter

Yeah cause we all woke up and said "let's dress like chance the rapper cause he wears supreme" I ain't even think you knew what supreme was you look like you shop at zumies

mett ty on Twitter

Chance the rapper said he brought back supreme LMFAOOOOOOO

donjie on Twitter

@HYPEBEAST @chancetherapper supreme .... wb tyler


Needless to say Chance the Rapper may be starting to get a little too big for his britches, yknowwhahimsayin?


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