Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Cardi B Comes To Offset's Defense Amid Backlash

Cardi B is standing up for her man.

She went live on Periscope, according to XXL, to defend her man and clear some things up that people were saying about him.

Most of the backlash obviously came from his most recent verse, saying that he could not "vibe with queers." She's quoted saying the following:

“I’m not going to let somebody call him ‘homophobic’ when I know that he’s not, and I’m saying this because I seen him around these...around gays," she says. "He treats them with the same respect he treats everybody. He never acts uncomfortable and he just don’t care.”

Offset had already sent out an apology, saying that he was just trying to rhyme and was using it's "original definition," but most people felt they already wanted to "unsubscribe" from him.


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