Teachers Are Learning How to Stop Bleeding, Apply Tourniquets and Treat Gunshot Wounds [VIDEO]

With school shootings becoming a regular occurrence, a few minds came together and created 'Stop the Bleed', a nonprofit program that has spread to all 50 states, with more than 125,000 educators  learning techniques to help victims survive by stemming blood loss.

Dr. Lenworth Jacobs of Hartford, Connecticut, is the one to thank for this iniative. He had operated on victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, in which 26 children and adults were killed.

According to the Homeland Security's official website, the program was, "Launched in October of 2015 by the White House." 

Source: Facebook 

Stop the Bleed Program Trains Teachers to Treat Bullet Wounds

Teachers are being trained to treat bullet wounds in case there’s a school shooting (via NowThis)

Posted by NowThis Politics on Thursday, April 12, 2018