(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The U.S., France, and the U.K. Strike Syria's Chemical Weapons Program [VIDEO]

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The US along with allies, UK and France, reportedly launched strikes against targets at three sites in Syria. Launched at 9 p.m. eastern, the strikes came after several days of threats of retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians in Damascus.

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, told reporters that the first allied strike targeted a scientific research center in greater Damascus involved in the development and production of chemical weapons.

The second targeted site was a storage facility for chemical weapons, and the third was at a chemical equipment storage facility and command post.


CNN, however, is reporting that Russia has condemned the stirkes over the alleged use of chemical weapons as the Western allies argued they were essential to deter the future use of illegal munitions.


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