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You know those people who post these vague, introspective status updates and you just want to troll them for fun?

Well, it just goes to show that Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen are not too busy to pull that off, especially since it was on Kim’s husband.

Kanye West rejoined Twitter last night and was spewing some infinite Kanye wisdom, right?  Well, one of his tweets caught Kim off guard, and Chrissy was not far behind in the hilarity.


Kim, of course, had to clarify that none of this was to be taken seriously because the media loves to blow things out of proportion, but honestly, it was funny to see Kim troll Kanye. Most of the time, it’s the media, or anyone on Twitter that has to make fun of things, but to get trolled by your wife? Yeah, totally worth it, even if Kanye still rolled his eyes at the whole ordeal.

We know Chrissy is up for ANY trolling possible, as John Legend is constantly trolled. Lest we forget, it was Chrissy who put it out there months ago that she (jokingly) keeps a note in her pocket that says “John did it” in case she was murdered because she doesn’t want him to remarry.


Ah, too funny.


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