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Did Quavo Just Destroy Nicki Minaj?

Is Quavo dissing Nicki Minaj or saying sorry?

Quavo of The Migos dropped his first solo album last night titled, Quavo Huncho, and there’s a record on it that is raising some eyebrows. On the record, Huncho Dreams, Quavo drops Nicki’s name in a few adlibs as well as references her exes Meek Mill “young bull” and Safaree, but that’s not all.

Some of the lyrics say, “She said I hurt her feelings 52 times.” Referencing her Beats 1 Interview when she explained how the “Motorsport” fiasco didn’t sit right with her.

Another bar in the song says, “Chanel I bought her two of em,” which goes right along with this video Nicki shared on Twitter back in July.

QUEEN on Twitter

Thank you ???????? https://t.co/hS2ouZlgET

Some people are saying that the track is not a diss but just a nod to Nicki’s song, Barbie Dreams, which everyone took as a joke.

Nicki Da Ninja on Twitter

Y'all are some true idiots if you think huncho dreams was a diss.... but then again y'all also thought Barbie dreams was a diss. Dummies lololol ????????

20DaysofJune on Twitter

If Barbie Dreams can be taken as good hip hop fun and not as Nicki talking about how she actually fucked every nigga that raps, why can't y'all just treat Huncho Dreams the same? Ah, misogyny. More specifically misogynoir.

But then others are saying that it’s a straight up diss.

Khayla Jai ???? on Twitter

Quavo ain't have to come for Nicki throat as hard as he did on Huncho Dreams tho ???? ...

Hamilton H. Hawkins on Twitter

also quavo snapped on nicki on huncho dreams ???? https://t.co/c5CXRbv0FS

I have to go with @badboyminaj tho.

DEJI ???????? on Twitter

Is Quavo dissing Nicki or apologizing in Huncho Dreams? He better pick one, because the Kingdom wants all the smoke... https://t.co/zE1aj85P6B

I don’t know what’s going on!

What do you think?


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