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Best Twitter Reaction to Meek Mill Dropping ‘Championships’

By now, you’ve seen Meek Mill has dropped his new album, Championships, early this morning, and as expected, Twitter is losing it.

From the surprise release to its features (including Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Cardi B) to even Hov calling out Kanye West on the track "What's Free," here are some of the best reactions from Twitter.

Meek Mill on Twitter

I really appreciate the love from y'all I been to hell and back for this shit! Every last nigga in the game that's supporting and everybody in the world that's supporting!!! ????????????????????????????????

Rob Sherrell on Twitter

Meek Mill outta NOWHERE!

Robin Dich on Twitter

First glance at Meek Mill's new album and the features are all I needed to see. #Championships

William Ketchum III on Twitter

Meek sounds so emboldened by his story, man. Not that he wasn't before, but this album has such a powerful combo of anger from what he's been through, pride from making it out, and responsibility to tell the stories of others. There's some filler but the good shit is wow

William Ketchum III on Twitter

Meek's 4/4 EPs were really solid too, but they didn't get the credit they deserved. It is what it is, their purpose was to basically warm shit up before the album. But it's a trip to see folks coming back onboard. He lost the Drake battle but his music never suffered otherwise.

Pierce Simpson on Twitter

Meek Mill's trajectory the past five years has been so interesting to me; and honestly, it's an amazing story. Took a major L, a lot of which was self-inflicted during his beef with Drake. Could've folded but didn't. Learned from it.

Pierce Simpson on Twitter

His legal situation would've folded the strongest of people, but his ability to remain even keeled and fully embrace the support was so dope to see. Most importantly, he learned from his mistakes and owned up to his shortcomings.

Pierce Simpson on Twitter

Now, he seems to be peaking at the right now with his skill level. His EP this summer was dope and early listens of this album has me interested for sure. All of that to say: You may fail in front of everyone but if you stay the course, it'll reward you.

SportsCenter on Twitter

Philly rapper @MeekMill dropped his new album titled "Championships." The album features multiple sports references, including Colin Kaepernick, Robert Kraft and Michael Rubin.

Skrizzy on Twitter

Did Jay Z just take shots at Kanye in this New meek mill record??!!?

DJ First Class™ on Twitter

No red hat, don't Michael and Prince me and Ye, They separate you when you got Michael and Prince's DNA" - Jay Z ????

mrjoncampbell on Twitter

My hair free, care-free. N*ggas ain't near free. Enjoy your chains, whats your employer name? With the hair piece!" - ????

ItsTheReal on Twitter

Wait...Am I crazy or is this not about Kanye? He's saying don't pit him and Kanye, two black men, against one another - and then the rest could maybe be about Trump/Melania?

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This the Meek we been waiting for. Thank You

Puff Mammy. on Twitter

Jay Z, Rick Ross and Meek Mill on a legendary beat by Biggie. I mean. I MEAN.

LEGEND on Twitter

Meek made the best 180 ever! We kinda hated this guy a couple years ago, this album is so much growth. It's not full of watches & sex with women. You hear the pain, uplifting the community & the truth about the prison system.