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Are Cardi-B And Offset Actually Broken Up?

Are Cardi-B and Offset “separating” for publicity?

Last week Cardi-B took to Instagram to announce that her and Offset were getting a divorce 5 months after they welcomed their daughter, Kulture, to the world, but a lot of people are saying that the breakup is all for show.

In today’s world of being famous, celebrities’ managers have been known to set up fake break-ups to make sure that their clients stay in the tabloids and continue to be relevant. It may sound stupid but it happens more than you know about.

Cardi and Offset have both recently done things that make it seem that the breakup is definitely for real but who knows for sure anymore.

Cardi performed at NYC’s Jingle Bash and changed the lyrics during her verse in Motorsport to “I get Offset off, I turn Offset on, I told him the other day, we gon’ get a divorce.”

UPROXX on Twitter

Cardi B remixed the lyrics to 'Motor Sport' to say "I turn Offset on. I told him the other day we should get divorced" ???????? https://t.co/tIeK8XXCmK

Offset followed Cardi’s antics with a tweet saying that he missed her, but in a different way.

OFFSET on Twitter


Well, if they are doing all of this for attention then it is working but right now it is hard to say.

We wish both of them the best along with their daughter Kulture.


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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