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Nene Leakes Explains Why She Unfollowed Her 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Castmates On Instagram

Last night (Mar. 12), Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes explained in an Instagram live video why she unfollowed the majority of her castmates on the hit Bravo reality TV show.

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In the video, Leakes started off by confirming that she did, in fact, unfollow half of her castmates.

"Number one. Let's clear all this up. Going into my closet. It's my closet, okay... I said no, that's it... As far as production is concerned, when I had my "bye wig" party at my house, I always let the crew go anywhere they want to go in my house, so this particular time my husband was in the hospital and I said I didn't want anybody to go into my master bedroom or in my closet," Leakes explained.

"As I talked to my producer he said let Cynthia and Marlo come upstairs in your master bedroom, so I let the both of them come upstairs in my master bedroom, and then I said I might want Tanya to come, so we might want to talk to her."

During the infamous episode of RHOA, Leakes had a meltdown regarding what she's experiencing regarding her husband, Gregg's health (he has stage 3 colon cancer) and her friendship with RHOA guest star Marlo. After her meltdown and reconnection with Marlo, Leakes then became angry and went off on her castmates and production for going into her closet after she told them not to several times.

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"But the producers had all the rules from the very very beginning. Everybody that entered my house that day all knew that Gregg had gone back into the hospital, and if they didn't know I told them then. Everybody knew that I was under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. The production team definitely knew," Leakes continued.

The reality TV star and boutique owner then went on to deny claims that she put her hands on RHOA star Porsha Williams during that episode.

"So production overstepping their boundaries. They had the rules. They were never supposed to film in the closet ever. Okay, so now I want to address the Porsha thing where Porsha is insinuating that she was touched in the closet. There were four people in the closet, me, Porsha, Cynthia, and Marlo, and Kandi," Leakes said.

"Now the closet ain't no damn store, it's a closet with an island in the floor. Porsha is the only one that knows she was touched, or I think what she said is that her belt came off. So she just assumed that I touched her and her belt came off. I would like to know how was that possible. Like I told her at the reunion, 'I wasn't even behind you.'"

Leakes concluded the video by vaguely explaining why she fell out with her longtime friend, Cynthia Bailey, who is also on the show.

"As far as Cynthia is concerned, you gone have to watch the finale to see what it is that she does," Leakes shared.

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