Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for BET

Pooch Hall Takes Plea Deal In DUI And Child Endangerment Case

Actor Pooch Hall accepted a plea deal in his recent child endangerment and DUI case.

Hall won't be going to prison for crashing his car while his child was in tow, TMZ reports. The Ray Donovan actor entered a no contest plea to misdemeanor DUI and child endangerment, which resulted in him receiving three years probation and a three-month alcohol program that he has to participate in.

Last October, Hall was charged with felony child abuse and DUI after a witness saw the actor driving with his toddler in his lap and holding the steering wheel. Hall had a .25 blood-alcohol level, which is more than the legal limit allowed in one's system while driving a motor vehicle.

Hall eventually swerved off and crashed his car into a parked vehicle. An eyewitness said that he saw Pooch's child crying in the front seat and saw the child's car seat lying in the backseat among junk instead of being installed properly.

As a part of his deal, Hall also has to complete one-year worth of parenting classes, and if he does the charges will be dismissed.

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