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Cardi B Responds To Backlash After Rapper Claims She Used To 'Drug and Rob Men' To Survive

Cardi B is currently receiving backlash for revealing what she used to do to "survive."

What started out as the Grammy Award-winning artist addressing pundits who believe she doesn't warrant the kudos and recognition that she's received, turned into the "Bodak Yellow" rapper sharing a shocking revelation, reports Vibe.

Cardi recently went live on Instagram and revealed that she used to drug and rob men to survive.

"Ni**as must've forgot, my ni**a, the sh*t that I did to motherf*cking survive. I had to go strip. I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you wanna f**k me?' Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go to this hotel," Cardi said. "And I drugged ni**as up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do. Nothing was motherf**king handed to me, my ni**a. Nothing!”

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Rapper #CardiB admits to using sex to DRUG men and ROB them of their money.

The rapper's commentary garnered her harsh criticism, which even resulted in social media users creating the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB on Twitter.

Some people feel that the former stripper and reality TV star should be regarded in the same light as R. Kelly and Bill Cosby. One Twitter user even tweeted Jennifer Lopez to state that he wasn't going to see their new movie, Hustlers because Cardi B is in it.

CoreyDLikeMe on Twitter

I'm sorry @JLo but if @iamcardib is in your new movie than I will NOT be watching! She admitted to drugging men and robbing them, if you are okay with that than you are part of the problem! #MeToo #SurvivingCardiB

BarbieBalla on Twitter

If you make excuses for @iamcardib, I cannot: support your movie @jlo Support your streaming service @netflix Support your retail store @FashionNova @Reebok Support your beverage @pepsi #survivingcardib

GAB ???????? on Twitter

Hey @pepsi, does this respect your values? I am disgusted. Going to stop supporting your brand if you don't take action... ????????????

Kwesi ???????? on Twitter

I'm done with my @iamcardib commentary. I've been saying this since she came out she represents the worst in popular culture is a horrible example for girls and women and should not be put up on a pedestal. #survivingCardiB

Mr. Suck Yo Second Toe on Twitter

Get him perced up." "Have a threesome." "Trick him into fucking a tranny." "Rob him while he's sleep.." Not only is she raping ol dude, she's bringing in trans women for him to fuck knowing he's not down with that.. That bitch is diabolical.. #SurvivingCardiB

ceara on Twitter

@iamcardib this isn't about ruining your career. This is about holding you accountable for your actions. You started this, we need to end it. The artist and the art can no longer be separate. #survivingCardi #TimesUp

Soul Snatcher ???? on Twitter

This is what happens when you praise a Thot for "keeping it real"/"being herself" We don't have to imagine because BillCosby is in prison for the same thing Cardi B admitted to doing & RickRoss lost an endorsement deal off a bar #SurvivingCardiB

Wavo on Twitter

@iamcardib sometimes you talk too much and too loud. I don't wish downfall on successful peps, HOWEVER!! you bragged about the same wrong doings that got one of my Idol Legacy ruined!! ????????‍♂️ And think we gonna let this fly? You next!! ???? #SurvivingCardiB #freebillcosby #CardiB

Some Twitter users feel that the outrage is "fake" and that a lot of rappers would have to be canceled based on their previous "street life."

ℙ???????????????? ℙ???????????????????????? on Twitter

This #SurvivingCardiB hashtag is just another example of fake outrage. Do you know HOW MANY RAPPERS you would have to CANCEL based on their "street life"? Chile! Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Z? Do I need to keep going? Nobody said its right. Thats HER REALITY.

Relli-P on Twitter

Strippers and prostitutes be playing mfs all the time, that's what happens when you fall victim to lust. Crazy thing is this shit is new to some people with all this #SurvivingCardiB shit, smdh

The mother-of-one hasn't directly addressed the controversy, but the "Please Me" rapper has recently written a few tweets that seem to be regarding the situation.

iamcardib on Twitter


iamcardib on Twitter

I never claim to be a angel I always been a street bitch Ya be glorifying this street rappers that talk and do that grimmey street shit but they can't stand a street bitch!

iamcardib on Twitter

Mood !

iamcardib on Twitter

When they try to cancel me on Twitter and instagram ????????????????????????????????????

iamcardib on Twitter



Today, Cardi B addressed the controversy in a lengthy post on Instagram.

All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future.

152.3k Likes, 5,786 Comments - CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on Instagram: "All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future."

The rapper claimed that the Instagram Live video was from three years ago and she said that she never claimed to be perfect and she never glorified what she had to do to survive.

"The men I spoke about in my life were men that I dated that I was involve [sic] with men that were conscious willing and aware. I have a past that I can't change we all do," Cardi B concluded in her message.

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