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Naturi Naughton Says 'Everybody's Not Going To Live' On 'Power' Season 6

Starz's Power is ending after its sixth season.

Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora recently discussed the impact of Power and what season six will bring.

"When we first started, we were eight episodes. We still shoot in Brooklyn and people were like 'Power? Never heard of it. Starz? What network is that?'...Starz has now become a leading cable premium network and we have over 10 million views across all platforms," Naughton said.

The 35-year-old also said while in Africa she was greeted by fans who watch the show overseas. "Oh, Mrs. Ghost. Tasha! Tasha! We love you' I have never felt so much love in my experience there,' " Naughton recalled.

Naughton and Sikora were asked who on Power takes the longest to remove themself from their role, and Naughton and Sikora both agreed that Omari Hardwick takes a while to remove himself from his character of Ghost.

"Omari, admittedly, and I think he's talked a lot about that in interviews. Unlike Naturi and I, we're not as method as he is. I do a lot of the homework for Tommy at home and bring that to the set, whereas Omari needs to kind of stay in the realm of the character Ghost," Sikora said.

During the interview, Sikora said that 50 Cent is currently working on spin-offs of Power.

"Yea, because everybody's not going to live. How you gone have a spin off if everybody dies?," Naughton said teasing the fact that someone or a few people in Power will die in season six.

Power returns to Starz in August 2019.

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