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I’m a big fan of Madonna and Tupac and I grew up listening to both so when I heard that the love letter Tupac wrote to Madonna while he was in prison is now up for auction, I did a little digging.  Tupac, then 24 years old, wrote the three-page letter from prison in 1995.  In the letter, he ends his relationship with Madonna, who was 37 at the time. He was gunned down the next year.

Madonna filed a lawsuit against her old friend Darlene Lutz to stop the sale, but the judge tossed out the suit after learning Madonna had signed a release back in 2004.

The company Gotta Have Rock and Roll will be handling the auction with an opening bid of $100,000 and the letter is expected to go for upwards of $300,000.  The bidding for the letter starts online July 17.


Source: USA Today