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NBC News reported that “for the first time since it was formed after the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security is adding ‘white supremacist violence’ to its list of priority threats in a revised counterterrorism strategy issued Friday.

“The continuing menace of racially based violent extremism, particularly white supremacist extremism, is an abhorrent affront to our nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population, and the core values of both our society and our department,” said Kevin McAleenan, the acting Homeland secretary, in a speech at the Brookings Institute in Washington.

DHS is stepping up its focus on what McAleenan called “targeted violence,” in which an attacker selects the target in advance, driven by hate. Racism and anti-Semitism have fueled recent attacks on African-American churches, synagogues, and public places in California and Texas, he said.

The shooting at the Walmart in El Paso hit DHS particularly hard. Six of the victims were family members of DHS employees.”

The Strategic Framework for Combating Terrorism and Targeted Violence lays out DHS’s plan for achieving four major counterterrorism goals:

  • Understand the evolving terrorism and targeted violence threat environment, and support partners in the homeland security enterprise through this specialized knowledge.
  • Prevent terrorists and other hostile actors from entering the United States, and deny them the opportunity to exploit the nation’s trade, immigration, and domestic and international travel systems.
  • Prevent terrorism and targeted violence.
  • Enhance U.S. infrastructure protections and community preparedness.


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