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On Tuesday (Nov. 19), singer Keyshia Cole took to Instagram to share a photo of her new baby boy for the first time.

“I absolutely couldn’t wait to post these pictures. If u watched the show last night, you’ve had a chance to take the first looks,” Cole said in the caption of her photo referring to her new BET reality show New Life.

“@tobiaskhale is the sweetest baby, OMG. He’s such a little blessing, and I’m completely in love with him! The smiles he gives EVERY SINGLE Time you smile at him, Brightens the worst of days. So happy @daniel_gibsonjr has a baby brother now.”

Cole’s child’s name is Tobias Khale and Cole has already set him up an Instagram page.

Baby Tobias was debuted on Cole’s new reality TV show but the “Heaven Sent” singer’s post was her first time sharing photos of him on social media.

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