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50 Cent recently pointed out that Instagram has censored one of his posts. Last Week, 50 posted a photo showing the National Guard lined up outside of the Capitol. The pic says, “For the record, this was the US Capitol during the BLM protests.

50 wrote, “i don’t have to say anything else.”

He later posted a screenshot showing that Instagram censored the post. He wrote, “so the IG God’s don’t like my BLM post. i don’t know why this was against any rules.”

Now, if you look at the post, it isn’t censored, but there is a warning from Instagram that says, “Missing Context. The same information was reviewed by independent fact-checkers in another post.”

Per BET, this photo was flagged because it was not at the U.S. Capitol; it was at the Lincoln Memorial. But they add, “Nonetheless, the message of the post remains the same, law enforcement did not properly prepare for violent rioters at the Capitol because they were majority white.”

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