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She-E-O: Celebrating The Women in Our Community

Dr. Patrice Barber - Alliance Family Dental

Dr. Patrice Barber – Alliance Family Dental

To us, as outside observers, it seems our Inaugural Beasley Media Group-honored  She-E-O, Dr. Patrice Barber of Alliance Family Dental in Fayetteville, is an inspiration! She has, with the help of key influencers and contributors in her life, worked on designing, following and building on her own plan for success. Best yet, living life as a giver – she has made unquestionable contributions to the lives of others.

It seems she’s always been in motion, able to balance her life by investigating many different interests, setting goals and moving toward achieving them!  She was a good student growing up, using good grades to get into the schools of her choice – on scholarship no less.

In post-college she funded her educational/occupational specialty advanced degrees through a military training program.  She paid back her scholarship with her military service, entering as a ranked officer.  Serving in the military overseas, she met her husband to be.

After service, she worked in dentistry as a civilian, becoming an Associate in someone else’s practice.  With the urging of her supportive husband and mother, she decided to open her own practice!

She remains a life-long learner who watches, listens to and reads about subjects that interest her!  She is a mom to the children she’s encouraging to be the best they can be !  She’s a mentor.  She’s a giver to various communities!  She’s a successful business owner, building her practice on caring, patient-focused dental care!  She’s a caring employer to what she calls her “team-members!”  She’s someone we’re proud to call a neighbor!   Meet Dr. Patrice Barber in her interview below with Paul Johnson of Beasley Media Group.


About the She-E-O program:

Beasley Media Group is proud to partner with Cape Fear Flooring & Restoration to celebrate the powerful women who are helping to make our community a better, stronger place.

She-E-O will profile the women who are movers and shakers in our community, reinforcing their rise to prominence, and celebrating their accomplishments.

We are proud to highlight these amazing women, helping to showcase to young women anywhere that ANYTHING is possible.

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.