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Lake Rim Park Aquatic Center

If you are anything like me you enjoy doing fun things and saving money! Kids are expensive and relationships are expensive. So, here is my list of attractions in and around Fayetteville; that are great low cost ideas for a day out with the kids or Bae! Some of these options are priced a low as $1 a session. Did I mention that, these spots will at least get you damp enough to cool off in this intense summer heat? 


Splash Pad at Eastover Community Park
2721 Ball Park Road, 323-0707

Splash Pad at Gilmore Therapeutic Recreation Center
1600 Purdue Drive, 433-1569

Splash Pad at Gray’s Creek Park
5151 Celebration Drive, 433-1015

Splash Pad at J.S. Spivey Recreation Center*
500 Fisher Street, 433-1572

Splash Pad at Kiwanis Recreation Center
352 Devers Street, 433-1568

Splash Pad at Linden Little River
5010 Loop Road, 980-0119

Splash Pad at Massey Hill Recreation Center
1612 Camden Road, 433-1569

Splash Pad at Myers Recreation Center
1018 Rochester Drive, 433-1570

Splash Pad at Wade Community Park
4060 Church Street, 485-3502

Splash Pad at Willie J. Burnette Park (Godwin)
4924 Markham Street, 980-1000


Ronnie “Chase” Chalmers Pool

1520 Slater Avenue
The facility features a 6 lane lap pool which depth range of 4 feet to 5 feet and a wading pool with a zero entry and a maximum depth of 3.5 feet depth with a water playground area.

Keith A. Bates, Sr. Pool
4945 Rosehill Road
This facility features a kiddie pool, larger lap pool with six lanes and a 24 foot enclosed water slide.

Lake Rim Aquatic Center
2265 Tar Kiln Drive
This facility features a wading pool complete with an in-water playground, competitive pool with six lanes and a 18 foot high water slide.

Westover Aquatic Center
266 Bonanza Drive
The facility features an 8 lane competition pool which depth range of 4 feet to 6 feet and a wading pool with a zero entry and a maximum depth of 3.5 feet depth which includes a 12 foot high water slide.



GALLERY: Lake Rim Park Aquatic Center Ribbon Cutting

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