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BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 02: A grocery cart filled by the photographer with vegan food products stands in a Veganz vegan grocery store on February 2, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Veganz has three stores in Berlin and sells a wide range of vegan foods. Vegan food offerings are a growing trend in Berlin with more and more restaurants and shops specializing in purely plant-based products as an alternative to conventional meat or dairy-based foods. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

I recently began my vegan journey and I want to share. So many people who have never attempted to taste vegan food say negative things about it. I just want to address some common misconceptions. Not everyone needs to be vegan, but no one should be afraid to try.

Myth 1: Vegan food is expensive

I completely disagree with this, and I am actually spending less on groceries than before I started this journey. Today I did a quick grocery run and picked up all of this for about $15:

  • portabella mushrooms
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • olive oil
  • meatless chicken strips
  • jasmine rice
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen asparagus
  • onions
  • peppers

Myth 2: Vegan food doesn’t taste good

Like any other food, plant based options need to be well seasoned. Only you know what you like, but I recommend going heavy on the seasonings you enjoy (aside from salt… go easy on the salt.) My personal favorites are:

  1. Onion powder: For anyone who enjoys things like sour cream and onion chips.
  2. Montreal Steak seasoning: This is for mushrooms when I crave steak because it creates the same taste for me.
  3. Mrs. Dash Table Seasoning: Great if you enjoy seasoning salt on your food! What makes it  even better is that it is completely salt free. 
  4. Garlic powder: I just enjoy the taste of garlic, not the aftermath on my breath though.
  5. Paprika: It  brings out the flavor in almost anything you use it in, it’s my secret ingredient in pretty much everything.

Myth 3: Vegan food doesn’t give you many options

When I first attempted going vegan over a decade ago, I was limited to  fresh veggies, tofu, and soy based meatless and dairy options. Today most major grocery chains carry a nice variety of vegan options from premade frozen dinners to vegan cheese (which I’ll admit can be a bit tricky.)

My point: going vegan may not be easy but it’s not nearly as hard as you think!


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