The speed limit on several Fayetteville roads will be changing, effective Wednesday, July 27.

Speeders beware, as some major Fayetteville corridors will have a new speed limit, with City Council approving three municipal certificates Monday night.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation issued recommendations for three different speed limit reductions around Fayetteville, which had come at the request of various council members.

The most notable of those is the stretch of Pamalee Drive and Country Club Drive, between the bridge at Bragg Blvd. where it turns into Skibo Road, all the way to Ramsey Street. That area had been 55 mph and District 4 City Council member D.J. Haire had hoped to get it lowered to 45 mph, but said he is happy with 50 at least.

“Over the months I have been meeting, email, texting and talking with (North Carolina) DOT, and I even sent in a council member request to lower the speed on Pamalee, Skibo – all the way to Ramsey,” Haire said during Monday’s meeting. “That speed there – which is surrounded by neighborhoods – at 50 miles an hour – and schools. I wanted 40 (mph), but I’m thankful for 50 to 45.”

Also of note, the Fayetteville speed limit for Cliffdale Road from Reilly Road to Raeford Road is set to be lowered from 50 mph to 45 mph.

“So back in February of 2021, I submitted a council request to have the speed limit along Cliffdale Road – to have a study done,” District 9 City Council member Yvonne Kinston said. “So far since then we have gotten street lights, reflectors on the road, and here we are tonight with an update on part of the study.”

The city also approved granting a certificate to lower the speed limit from 55 mph to 45 mph on Stoney Point Road between Dundle Road and the Hoke County line.

“Anyone who lives in that area understands that there are so many accidents, and cars running into the back of people’s yards,” District 6 City Council member Chris Davis said. “As we grow and we get more densely populated areas, these changes in speed limits, we hope will be a good safety measure.”

The new speed limits will go into effect soon, City Traffic Engineer Lee Jernigan said. The approvals will be passed on to the DOT, and they will have to install new signage. No exact date was given.

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.