G Moniy

Monday-Friday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

A 10 Man Tag Team Match to determine if the Future Stars of AML can defend their home against the Projects of CYN. G-Moniy, Gem Stone, August Artois, Mr. Everything, and Brayden Marshall vs Baby Lotion Brown, Zuka King, Mason Matthews, Callis Vane, and Logan Quindell

Anybody that has listened to me long enough on Foxy 99 knows how much I love wrestling. You may have also learned that I decided to pursue a career in wrestling as well. You may even know that I do a wrestling podcast called “Smash The Mat” where a few of my buddies get together and talk all things wrestling from the majors to the Indies.

Recently former TNA Heavyweight Champion, Impact, ROH, and WWE Superstar EC3 decided to create something different, something worthwhile, and even though it may have started as a character change it quickly became something more. He was able to create a platform for not only his wrestling peers, but for up and coming (like me), veteran, and well traveled wrestlers a chance to show what they can do. That platform is called “Control Your Narrative” and like the name of the promotion, it’s a chance for those included to take control of their destinies, not just in wrestling but in life.

I along with my peers DB and Mr. Magnificent had a chance to interview EC3 on our “Smash The Mat” podcast to find out what CYN is really about.

They also have a co-branded event coming to Winston-Salem (July 30th) and Goldsboro (July 31st) with NC wrestling promotion AML. And yours truly is booked on both events so this a huge moment for me in my wrestling career.

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