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It's hard to watch out for so many different types of online scammers.

I know I can’t be the only one tempted to send my cash app tag when a random social media “friend” or follower inboxes you. Although my common sense read: SCAM LIKELY just like my cell phone. I’m always tempted to interact, out pf pure nosiness. I just want to know, what tactics they are going to use & if I can outsmart them or at least get a good laugh.

However my maturity level makes me report then block them. In my limited experience these days scammers typically fall in a few categories:

  • A. Posers – people pretending to be someone you know by stealing or copying their profile
  • B. Crypto Pushers – people promising to help you make money using some form of crypto currency
  • C. Job Recruiters – people fishing for personal information while posing as a representative from a reputable company
  • D. Cash App Phishers – people trying to get your cash app tag by offering to send you money in an effort to replicate it & steal
  • E. Faux Government Officials – people pretending to represent a government agency in an attempt to steal personal information and even money

Bottom Line, while we can’t completely rid ourselves of scammers there are steps we can take to protect ourselves. Keep scrolling to know how to spot red flags & and what to do if you are successfully scammed.

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