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Be careful with your digital footprint. You're leaving evidence everywhere that could impact your future.

At this point the internet has been around longer than a lot of humans have been alive – so we all know digital evidence exists. Still it seems that we have not evolved enough to pick up on some common sense ways to move in cyberspace. We try to find ways to decrease our carbon footprint but are way less attentive to our cyber imprints. Think of your online movement like blockchain, which contrary to popular belief can be traced. It may take time, but there are humans and technology with the means to ruin your present reputation by linking you to a questionable post you made back in the days of Myspace.

Before you post, text, or DM anything think about how this could affect your future, every  single time. Think about how  a screenshot of your words might impact your ability to be gainfully employed in your future. Think of the impact it could have on your family, your future child being tormented in school after a bully runs across your past internet activity. God forbid you attain some element of success, fame, or notoriety. That just means you have more people mining for info about you.

So often when out favorite celebrities get “cancelled” it’s not due to present actions but the fact that they  left receipts  of questionable past actions laying around. As Gabrielle Union perfectly articulated in Deliver us From Eva: Clean it up!

Here is a good list from to begin with and share with your kids. Check out the full article for more tips on staying safe in this online culture filled with digital evidence.

  • Remember that nothing is temporary online.
  • Mark your profiles as private.
  • Safeguard your passwords and change them often.
  • Don’t post inappropriate or sexually provocative pictures or comments.
  • Don’t respond to inappropriate requests.
  • Take a breather to avoid “flaming.”
  • Respect copyrights.
  • Check yourself.
  • Take it offline.

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