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Diddy, Yung Miami, and Ashanti recently released the Queen Remix to Gotta Move On and I have questions. The song and visuals are epic, and both Yung Miami and Ashanti ate… no crumbs left behind! Still, I had to pause and double back after Ashanti dropped her verse.

It sounds like she is definitely addressing the recent Irv Gotti interviews discussing the relationship between him and her back during their Murder Inc. Days. I think we all knew she was going to address the comments at some point, but it’s the savagery of the lyrics for me!

I can only say one thing: Yessss Queen!

N—a, I’m gone, n—a, I’m done, n—a, move on (Ooh-wee)
Too much of your shit, you got a little d–k
It’s givin’ obsessed, it’s givin’ you stressed, it’s givin’ you pressed
It’s givin’ this n—a missin’ the best (Let’s go)
Thought it’s been twenty years, n—a, please, say less
We can see all your tears while you beating on your chest (Ladies, sing it)

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