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Who would win in a fight, Omni-Man or Homelander?

Halloween is around the corner, and with events like Comic-Cons happening around the country people will be dressing up as some of their favorite characters. With that said I asked a question on my social media…well not really a question but I’m curious to know who would win in a fight, Homelander or Omni-Man.

Homelander is the main antagonist in “The Boys” you can watch it on Amazon Prime and it’s based on the comic book of the same name. He has powers just like Superman but his powers came from a drug called “V” and he is pretty much a lab rat baby. He is the leader of “The Seven” their version of the Avengers or Justice League.

Omni-Man is the father of “Invincible” from the comic book of the same name. Invincible is also available to watch on Amazon Prime except it’s animated. Omni-Man is an alien from Viltrum, a race of super powered beings who believe in survival of the fittest (they had a civil war on the planet to only keep the strongest Viltrumites alive). He comes to Earth posing as a Superhero with the Ulterior motive of conquering Earth to make it a part of the Viltrum Empire. He also has powers like Superman (strength, flight, speed, etc) with the exception of heat vision.

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